Bilingual education

Bilingual education means that a foreign language is used to learn something more than just the language itself. Bilingual teaching allows to use  a foreign language in a wide range and as a tool to learn knowledge of other subjects.

Our Kindergarten implements two curricula: the Polish curriculum extended by the original program Magic Fish * and English National Curriculum. For the needs of our facility, we have combined both foundations.

Using alternative methods to support child development, we have created an original program that will allow us to support parents in shaping a man full of love, responsibility, care, empathy, a man who is bold and has good contact with the environment.

We care for the harmonious development of the child in the emotional, cognitive and social sphere.

Our main goal is to introduce children to the world of English in a natural way, so that from an early age it becomes part of their everyday life. There are two teachers in each group, including one in English. Children in their youngest years are the most interesting in the world, thanks to which they can learn a foreign language by playing freely and without the slightest burden.