Adaptation classes are a great proposition for children who have not yet started their adventure with kindergarten, and are ready to take on new challenges, meet new friends and many new adventures.

Thanks to adaptation classes, children are gradually preparing to cross the threshold of kindergarten, becoming ready for independent play and pre-school education. They get used to new friends. They get to know teachers, kindergarten and its surroundings.

"Mini Magic Fish" classes start in the spring of each year and last until the child starts pre-school education.

Help your child tame the unknown and learn the joy of being a preschooler.

The purpose of the class:

  • The purpose of our meetings is to help your toddler get into the world of preschool without stress. Our teachers are focused on the individual needs of each child.

  • Integration games and games
  • Musical exercises
  • Melodic and rhythmic games
  • Song learning
  • Art
  • Reading stories

    Three-step method
  • At the beginning, the parent and child participate in the classes, supporting them in playing with peers.
  • The parent becomes an observer of the child's work in a group, under the guidance of a teacher.
  • Children participate in the classes independently.