Mission and purpose

The Polish-English Magic Fish Preschool was founded in 2009. At Magic Fish, we focus on harmonious - artistic child development, learning how to express emotions, building faith in our own strength and self-esteem. The original program of our kindergarten ensures a happier development of the child, sharpens sensitivity, influences imagination, intelligence and moral education. Our goal is to use aesthetic and artistic values ​​to direct activity, release emotions, develop expression and self-fulfillment of the child.

We want the learning and use of foreign languages ​​(especially English) to become an obvious and easy tool for our pupils, enabling them to acquire further knowledge and meet new, interesting people. We encourage our pupils to become independent, self-reflective people - responsible citizens of today's world.
The Magic Fish kindergarten strives to discover  individual talents in our children - it supports development and creates conditions for presenting their successes, building a sense of satisfaction and legitimate pride in their achievements. Preschool is based on close cooperation with parents. We support each preschooler in the search for his own educational path, remembering the development of such features as creativity, communication skills: problem solving, critical thinking, or group cooperation.