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Nauczyciel anglojęzyczny

As a little girl I always wanted to be a teacher  and now my dream came true.

I graduated from Pedagogical University in Ukraine and worked as an English teacher for a few years. I also worked for many years as a Sunday school teacher and was a leader in summer camps. My life was always connected with children and I knew it’s my passion and my future.

After my student years I was able to participate in youth programs and worked with kids in Sweden, USA, Ukraine, Poland. It was a great time of experience, inspiration, relationship, time of friendship. I enjoyed that very much. For me no matter what country are the children from, what language they can speak, they would  always stay kids, they would always love fun, that’s why on my lessons I use different songs with movements, games, interesting ideas to make them busy and entertained. I enjoy working with children, see their smiles, happiness, help them to grow and find out something new about the world around.

I can say honestly, teaching children it’s not an easy work, but for sure it’s worthy to do, especially when you see the result and  smiley eyes of precious ones. And I am happy I am privileged to work as an English teacher.